AMENITIES: While we do our best to ensure all amenities advertised for the rental unit, (such as but not limited to WiFi, satellite/cable, hot tubs and saunas) are in working order during your stay, we cannot guarantee them. 

WEATHER: No refunds or credits for acts of Mother Nature with the exception of an all mountain closure due to lack of snow. If portions of the mountain are open, as an example, Nordic is in operation but Alpine is not, then the booking goes forward. No refunds or credits of accommodations will be made for cancellations during Christmas Break. "Mountain closure" bookings go forward and, outside of holidays, credits for the difference between rents paid and off-season rates issued. 

REFUNDS: 120 days prior to the stay (180 days in the case of Christmas) bookings become non-refundable. In advance of this cutoff, cancellations may be accepted with a full refund. A small admin fee may apply. These timelines may vary for smaller condo-style rentals to 45 days (90 days for Christmas). Please see the terms and conditions of your rental contract for the specific unit that you have booked.

PROPERTIES FOR SALE: If the unit you have chosen to book is for sale, it will be clearly delineated in your rental agreement. If it becomes listed after booking but before your stay, we will notify you. CVG is not responsible for any terms of sale out of our control. In the event that the unit you booked sells and the new owners will not be honouring your booking, CVG will do our best to help you find alternate accommodation so your vacation can go on as planned but we will not be responsible for any difference in price. Full refunds issued.


CANCELLATIONS AFTER THE DEADLINE: Outside of the holidays guests can apply the amount paid to a future stay before the end of the same season the following year OR allow CVG to exercise best practices to re-sell the dates and refund a percentage proportional to the monies collected for the replacement booking, less a $50 admin fee. E.g. A guest pays $500 deposit for a $2000 4-day stay and we re-rent for $1500 (3 nts) - the refund would be $375 less $50 = $325. If the guest chooses to re-book for alternate dates it must be done within 30 days of the cancellation and an admin fee may apply. 

NON-REFUNDABLE CANCELLATIONS: Christmas bookings and any cancellation with less than 21 days notice are non-refundable and no options to re-book are provided. 


RESERVATION AND PAYMENT: Payment (CAD) by cash, cheque, email money transfer, credit card or money order. A Rental Deposit of 25% (or $150 whichever is higher) officially confirms the reservation. The balance of rents is due 45 days prior to check-in. A Refundable Damage Deposit by credit card through PayPal of $500-$1500 is required the week of the stay prior to receiving access instructions. Deposits may be held up to 30 days after check-out to allow time to remedy any issues. 

GUESTS: YOU ARE RENTING SOMEONE'S HOME OR PERSONAL VACATION PROPERTY. Notify us of any increase or decrease in the size of your party. Units with age restrictions require that the person making the booking occupy the property for the duration of the stay. Any reservation made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment of rent and deposit and the party will not be permitted to check-in, or be required to leave the property. 

WHAT IS PROVIDED: All units are fully furnished with full kitchens. Each unit will provide the same basics (such as bedding, towels, toilet paper, dish soap). Items such as food, personal toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, etc) will not be supplied. For those units with hot tub/sauna, bring your own towels. Extras not provided. CVG cannot guarantee amenities provided by the owner/strata and offers no refunds or credits if they are not functional or missing. 

CLEANING: Cleaning Services are provided upon check-out. Cancellation policies apply to the cost of cleaning. Upon departure, all items must be returned to their homes (including dishes, movies, remotes and furniture etc.). Departure Checklists are provided for each unit to help guide you through the check-out process. 

DAMAGE & EXCESSIVE NOISE: We expect the occasional, accidentally broken glass, plate, etc and consider it a cost of doing business. Please tell us if something breaks, so that we can replace it promptly. A charge of $200 may be deducted from your Security Deposit if guests are asked to limit noise before 7am or after 11pm (as Owners may be fined this amount by their Stratas). Units are NON-SMOKING. Any sign or smell of smoking in the unit or on balconies or entryways will result in immediate forfeiture of the entire Security Deposit. Guests may be billed costs to remediate any smells or damage that exceeds the Security Deposit. 

CHECK-IN/OUT AND KEY SERVICE: Your arrival email will clearly detail check in/out time for your individual property. Generally early/late check in/out times are not an option but if granted, can only be done so the day prior to your stay. A new code is provided at the start of each rental. Arrival Instructions specific to the unit are emailed when all payments are finalized. Lost keys will result in a minimum fee of $50 per set being deducted from the Security Deposit. 

PARKING: Follow parking instructions in your Arrival Instructions. PARKING ON ROADWAYS IS PROHIBITED. Parking for the Alpine Village (also known as the Walk-in Village) is by parking pass only in the winter – print and display on your dash. A fee of $150 will be applied to your security deposit if rules aren't followed and in turn disrupt the stay of others in nearby units. Excess vehicles must park at the base. A schedule for the ski bus can be found at 

SKI AND BIKE STORAGE: Most buildings provide gear storage. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS EQUIPMENT TO ENTER ANY UNIT – NOR CAN WAXING BE DONE ANYWHERE BUT IN DESIGNATED LOCATION, IF PROVIDED. If gear storage is not available, guests will be responsible for locking these items in or on their vehicles. Owners, CVG, the building stratas, etc WILL NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen equipment. 

HOT TUB & SAUNA & WIFI: Individual for each unit if available. Please respect all posted rules. We cannot guarantee access, safety and/or cleanliness of communal facilities at any time. We cannot guarantee functionality of any amenities nor are refunds or credits issued for such incidences. Abuse of privileges may result in forfeiture of your rental and/or a fine from your Security Deposit. Hot tubs/Saunas may be shut down for the off-season and summer months. Free WIFI in the Alpine or Raven Lodges if not available in your unit.

PETS: Most places do not allow pets but approval for dogs is case-by-case and for an extra fee. Never allow dogs on decks. Dogs must be crated when left unattended. In the case of multiple units, dogs must remain in the mudroom or lower unit. Your DDEP may be increased for the dog and extra cleaning fees including yellow snow charged against the DDEP. Always exit with your dog when letting him/her out to do business and clean up with your own bags.